Implantable catheter ports

Implantable catheter ports are percutaneous access devices entirely subcutaneous. The DistricAth® implantable catheter ports main indication is the administration of chemotherapy medications by intra-venous, intra-arterial, intra-peritoneal or epidural ways. DistricAth® are also used for the injection of blood products of for blood sampling, parenteral nutrition, pain treatment, and the filling of gastric band or intragastric prothesis.

Class III device, conformity assessment established by GMED-0459. LPPR code not applicable.

Before use, carefully read the instructions.

Standard implantable ports

Standard Models Standard Models Massive Titanium See more
Standard Models Standard Models Titanium Polysulfone See more
Small Models Small Models Massive Titanium See more
Small Models Small Models Titanium Polysulfone See more
Ultra low profile models Ultra low profile models Massive Titanium See more
Axial Models Axial Models Titanium Polysulfone See more

Specific implantable ports

Multi-Perforated High Flow Catheter Multi-Perforated High Flow Catheter See more

Composition of kits :

  • 1 implantable port
  • 1 venous silicone or polyurethane catheter
  • 1 Peel-away introducer
  • 1 Guidewire
  • 1 Connection ring
  • 1 Puncture needle
  • 1 Tunneler
  • 1 Rinse catheter
  • 1 Huber straight needle
  • 1 Vein pick

* Composition given for information purposes – We can adapt the composition of kits according to the request of the doctors.